Photographic fillet border for photo ceramics

Photo ceramics with photographic fillet borders

It is quite in use in Europe and especially in Italy to add a characteristic touch to the photo-ceramics applying a gold fillet border.
Due to technical problems, the traditional gold fillet border cannot be done at 900°C, 1652 Fahrenheit ,but using lower temperatures. Therefore it does not integrate with the plaque (Recommended for indoor display only).
For this reason, after carrying out some feasibility studies, we successfully reached our goal of creating a “photographic gold fillet border”, which can be done at 900°C and it is consequently indelible as a photographic image.
On the other hand, the photographic gold fillet border is not as bright as the traditional one and it has a color tending to yellow and can be displayed outdoors.
Please notice that on black and white photo porcelains, we will still add the traditional gold line.
Photographic fillet border
White border   Photographic fillet border   Full Photographic Border   Without white border

When you apply for a gold fillet we invite you to indicate which one you need : TRADITIONAL or PHOTOGRAPHIC.
In absence of specifications we will add the photographic fillet border on colour porcelain pictures and the traditional one on B&W porcelain pictures.
It is important to explain to your customer the differences between the two gold fillet.

The two gold fillets, traditional and photographic, may be :

a-Gold fillet border : it is a thin fillet around the edge and lean to the image, in order to leave a white border till the edge.
b-Full Golden border : it is a thick golden line from the image to the edge, you will not see white border at all.

The traditional gold fillet border, because it is handmade, can have small imperfections.
Without specific customer indication the gold fillet border will NOT be applied.

Composition “A”   Composition “B”
The fillet and the full border could be required in all standard colors.
The photographic fillet border can be apply ONLY on color photoceramic.



Memorial plaques, cremation urns, cemetery memorials, grave markers for headstones, ceramic pictures and photo porcelain for gravestones