Catholic and Christian religious fiberglass statues

Fiberglass statues



The religious statues are devotion articles well known and required all over the world. In Italy there are the most renowned artisan’s workshop, where are realized sculptures in marble, synthetic marble and wood.

In the following pages we would propose a very important collection (about 100 images) of religious statue in FIBERGLASS.

The possibility to use, as a model, the most important works of art of past century, let us to propose a very high artistic value “replicas”.

Naturally we have chosen a very experienced producer whether in sculpture or FIBERGLASS production process.

Differently then other similar products made of “Fiberglass” sold on the market, ours are unique for their structure both internal and external.
In fact, our subjects are strictly made of numerous layers of gelcoat, resin and glass fibers. This compound increases the resilience of the manufactured article against different types of weather conditions and guarantees a good technical force.

Statues are made upon request and usually take 3-4 weeks to delivery.

Fiberglass is a very strong material. It is reinforced and it is the same material used to make boat hull that is designed to withstand the shock and elements of the sea without breaking.

The statues in “Fiberglass” can be supplied with the following types of finish :
WHITE (indoor and outdoor use)
HAND PAINTED (indoor use)
BRONZE PATINATED (indoor and outdoor use)

Fiberglass especially indicated for outdoor use.

Hand-painted statues are decorated by Italian artisans who apply oil colours by hand in the traditional way. Coloured statues cannot be guaranteed for outdoor use.

MAINTENANCE : Do not use chemicals ! Fiberglass statue, especially if installed outdoor, needs some cleaning as soft sponge, some water and mild soap detergent.

These are all hand-made articles, starting from the pressing process to the one where the chosen finish is applied, therefore some imperfections may occur due to the special artisan nature of these statues.

As concerns the “height” the measurement indicated go from the head to the pedestal included. Moreover, they are all approximate..

All our fiberglass statues are made in Italy by ITALIAN ARTISANS. “REPLICA” of ancient and important work of art.

The color is a magnificent color shine coating.

Sizes : 1st = Height
2nd = Width
3rd = Depth

Conversion formulae :

 To convert  Multiply by
Centimetres to inches 0.3937
Inches to centimetres 2.5400



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