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Memorial products and Photoporcelain

Q. Do you sell your products to individuals ?   A. No, we do not sell merchandise to the general public.

Q. Do you make plastic portraits ?   A. No, our research has proven that plastic, acrylic or carbonite materials are not UV resistant enough to provide protection to an organic photo.

Q. Have you made plastic or acrylic portraits in the past ?   A. No, we have been using plaques of real porcelain for three generations, since we started this business.

Q. What is your turn around time ?   A. Upon receipt of your order, our normal delivery dates are 4 working days service.

Q. How do I install the photo-ceramique?   A. The ceramic photo pictures can either be siliconed onto the monument or crypt front or it can be attached with double-sided adhesive 3M VHB tape.

Q. Can a memorial portrait be used on stone, bronze, upright, or ground level monuments?   A. Yes. It can be used on any smooth, dry surface including mausoleum niches and urns.

Q. Is it possible to choose among many designs of bronze frames ?   A. Obviously! We offer frames in an oval, rectangular and round shape.
In our catalogues, you will be able to find 26 different designs of bronze frames.
The numerous sizes available go from cm 5x7 (1.96”x2.75”) up to cm 18x24 (7.08”x9.44”).

Q. Can you supply bronze frames with cover?   A. Sure! We produce solid stylized bronze frames with cover for oval photo-porcelains size cm 6x8 (2.36”x3.14”), cm 7x9 (2.75”x3.54”), cm 8x10 (3.14”x3.93”) & cm 9x12 (3.54”x4.72”).
Please note that not all ceramic pictures are available with a frame.

Q. Your sizes are expressed in “cm”, Is it possible to convert them into “inches”?   A. Yes, it is possible. To convert cm into inches, simply multiply cm x 0,3937. Vice versa, multiply Inches x 2,5400.

Q. How can we send you our orders for photo-porcelains?   A. U.P.S. or Federal Express, etc. Fill out the order form properly.

Q. What kind of original photo do you prefer?   A. Send the best liked, good, clear studio portrait, snap-shot, passport picture, either in color or black & white. Be sure the face is not too small. Please, send the highest quality photo possible.
Do not cut or mark original pictures. Do not staple or attach photograph with paper clips as they will leave a mark. Please do not write on the back of the photo. We suggest you to make a photocopy of the image and indicate cropping or any other instructions on the copy. Don’t cut or alter, let us do it digitally.
If the pictures is larger than an 7.08”x9.44” (cm 18x24) return postage will be billed to you.
Encourage the family to keep a copy of the original so they may submit the original for reproduction. Results can be better with an original.

Q. Why don’t you guarantee the traditional gold fillet?   A. Due to technical problems, the traditional gold fillet border cannot be done at 1650 degrees F., but only using lower temperatures. Therefore, it does not integrate with the plaque. For this reason, after carrying out some feasibility studies, we successfully reached our goal of creating a “photographic gold fillet border”, which can be done at 1650 degrees F. and it is consequently indelible as a photographic image. On the other hand, the photographic gold fillet border is not as bright as the traditional one and it has a color tending to yellow. Please, notice that, on black & white photo porcelains, we will still add the traditional gold line.

Q. Can you supply oval and rectangular plaques with different sizes than the ones proposed?   A. Yes, we can supply oval and rectangular plaques with different sizes than the ones proposed. (Up to a standard maximum size proposed).

Q. Do you archive my image ?  
A. Yes. We archive all images for 3 months after shipping an order.

Q. Will you return my photograph?   A. Yes. We return the original pictures together with the photo-porcelain.

Q. What size photograph do we send?   A. We only need the original in order to scan it. We can scan any size. We will reduce or enlarge your most cherished pictures.
Larger photograph are preferred rather than smaller.

Q. Can I have the background of any picture changed ?   A. Yes. For a nominal fee, we remove the background and we replace it with a photo canvas. See our “background choices”.

Q. I want lettering added to my portrait. Can I do it?   A. Yes. We add lettering for a nominal fee.

Q. Do you charge for shipping?   A. Yes. We normally ship our photo porcelains and bronze frames by air mail or by U.P.S. . We can use your courier account too. Some of our customers that want an overnight return send us a completed shipping label with their order.
Any customs, duties or international fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Q. Do you offer “overnight” shipping?   A. Yes. We use U.P.S. at our rates or we can use your account number.

Q. Can I get a portrait for a pet marker?   A. Yes. We make pet portraits too.

Q. How long have you been in the memorial business?   A. We have been in the memorial business since 1924. For three generations, the name ROSSATO has been synonymous with photo porcelains of lasting quality.

Q. Does ordering photo-porcelains in Italy require long waiting times?   A. Absolutely not. We perform the work in 4 days. Taking into account the average shipping times (arrival in Italy & return to the country of origin), you normally receive the photo-porcelain within 8-12 work days from the time of the order.

Q. Is it possible to send photo through Internet?   A. Yes. We suggest you use compressed files like JPG to reduce the size and to send the picture quicker. In any case, we cannot accept complaints for photo porcelain reproductions when using this system, because it is impossible to compare the original photo with the one we receive via e-mail.
Scans should be made with a good quality scanner, not a photocopier, scan only the subject and not the entire photograph. The scan should be at 300 DPI.

Q. Besides bronze frames, do you offer other items made of bronze?   A. Yes. We offer a complete range of items made out of top quality bronze.
In particular:
a) solar lamps, candle-light, electric;
b) flower vases;
c) decorative plaques;
d) statuary;
e) urns.
Ask for additional information.

Q. Can the photo-porcelain be applied to funeral urns?   A. Of course. Our photo-porcelain can be applied with or without frames to the urns with flat sides.

Q. Is there an extra charge for two or more people in a photograph?   A. Two or more people on one original picture will be done at NO extra charge.

Q. Is it better to send a vertical or a horizontal photograph?   A. Both can be used. It is always better to send a horizontal picture for a horizontal plaque and a vertical picture for a vertical plaque.

Q. Will the colors fade in the strong sun light?  
A. The technology we use to make our monument portraits has been tested.Our mineral pigments and the memorial plaques are stable and their composition is comparable to granite.

Q. Why are the reproduced colors on the photo-porcelain in some cases not exactly the same as those on the original picture?   A. The colors used for the photos are different than those used for the photo porcelains. The colors used for the photo porcelain must be resistant to temperatures of over 1650 degrees F. Do not trust a photo-porcelain that has colors which correspond exactly to the original picture; they are probably colors which have been added at a later time and backed at low temperatures, therefore bound to disappear in a short time!

Q. How long does it take for regular mail to reach Rossato Giovanni S.r.l.?  
A. Regular post takes between 6/8 days to reach us. If you need to send us an order in a more timely fashion but do not necessarily wish to spend money on a courier, we suggest the use of priority post or express post.

Q. How can I get the photo-porcelain faster?   A. It is important to choose the postal service right for the type of urgency, both for the original photo and for the photo-porcelain.
Alternatively, paying higher fees for express services like U.P.S. or Federal Express will speed up the times.

Q. Do the pictures fade with time?   A. No. They come with a lifetime guarantee against fading and deterioration.

Q. Can a black & white photograph be made in color?   A. Yes. We can have a black & white photograph made into a color memorial picture.

Q. How can you modify the background of the photo?   A. Simply request a background change, indicating which one in particular you would like to have (you can choose among the backgrounds that we offer or you can send your own illustration along with your photo).

Q. How do I pay for memorial portrait order?   A. All completed orders will have an invoice included.

Q. Can we send a copy of the original photo?  

A. Although we accept copies, we prefer an original. Copied pictures, even those on photo paper (like kodak image magic paper) do not yied as good a product.
Originals produce the best portrait.

Please be aware : transferring a digital photo to a porcelain plaque is an art, not an exact science.
Variations occur in the on-screen representations, printed proofs and finished product. Also, very high temperature used for firing process may bring out slight variations in color.
Rossato Giovanni S.r.l. strives to reproduce your photos exactly as you wish.

Q. Can you supply the “size templates” of different sizes and shapes?   A. Yes, but please use size template for reference only and do not pre-cut stones before receiving the memorial portrait.
Actual sizes of plaque may slightly vary.

Q. Can the sculptures in white Carrara marble be modified according to the clients’ wishes?   A. Yes. The sculptures in white Carrara marble, which are all sculpted manually upon request, can be modified according to the customer’s wishes.

Q. Are the sculptures in white Carrara marble exactly like the illustrations?  
A. Since we are dealing with hand crafted works and commercial sculptures, there is a close correspondence between the sculpture and the illustration, but they will never be perfectly identical. Each sculpture has its own particular features and the sculptor can obtain similar, but not identical, sculptures at two different times.

Q. Is the white Carrara marble resistant to the atmospheric agents?   A. Like all natural materials, with the passing of time, even white Carrara marble is slowly worn down by the atmospheric agents, but do not forget that the duration of the works in white Carrara marble is measured in centuries, not years!

Q. Is it possible to order a white Carrara marble sculpture representing a subject proposed by the customer?   A. Certainly. The client must send us an illustration or design of what he/she wants. Before completing the work, we will send some photos of the sculpture in order to allow the customer to intervene and make minor adjustments.

Q. Can items made of synthetic marble be placed outdoors?   A. Yes. Items made of synthetic marble can be placed outdoors. Because it is a mix of 70% marble powder and 30% special resins, the resistance and duration over time are equal, if not superior to that of marble.

Q. Can hand-painted items made of synthetic marble be placed outdoors?   A. No. In such a case, the colors applied are not baked at high temperatures and could therefore change. They are especially suitable for covered areas and indoors.

Q. How can you guarantee items made of marble, synthetic marble and other large items not shipped by post from risk of damage?   A. Upon receiving the material, it is important to make sure that the packaging is still in good condition. Be sure to always sign the shipping receipt with caution and check the goods. If the merchandise has undergone damage, immediately inform the shipping agent. The insurance company will pay for the damages.


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