Photo Porcelain and porcelain pictures

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To produce high quality photo-ceramics is been our daily job for three generations.

The experience developped in all these years of research, experiments and even mistakes made, allow us to be on the market with an important recognition : to be a faithful photo-ceramic producer at international level.

At present we are exporting our photo-ceramics in 54 Countries.
It is far away the time when the only photo-ceramics produced were in black and white, when the materials weren’t guaranteed and the equipments were not reliable.

Then the first photo-ceramics in colors, colors that were applied to the black and white photo-ceramics and baked in different stages.

A very patient job to do it and the final result, compared with the actual work, wasn’t acceptable.
Time goes by, material improved and the equipments contributed to make the job faster and to guarantee the quality.

We arrive then to the last years of last Century, when a great Company, the DUPONT, have introduced on the market the “Cromalin Art” film.

The “Cromalin Art” film was the first technology that allowed to realize a ceramic plaque that reproduced in color a real picture without fading.

Quite soon even this new technology showed difficulties and high costs.

At the same time came out the DIGITAL PRINT and the creation of new ceramic toners.
The new system allow to obtain better quality and to reduce the use of toxic materials.

The key breakthrough in digital decals was the development of ceramic toners designed to work in commercially available laser copiers and printers.


These toners are being produced in Germany through a patented process in which selected ceramic colors – i.e., a flux and ceramic pigment mixtures- are melt mixed in a suitable resin.

During the mixing process, the organic material surround the ceramic color.

When cooled, the solidified resin and color mixture is pulverized and graded to yield the properly sized colored particle or toner.

In any case, to produce photo-ceramics is not an exact science, but an art that try to bring together principle of “photography”, “decorative porcelain” and “graphic arts” using equipment always in development.

We print with ceramic pigments. Ceramic pigments are mined from the earth and are chemically inert to the effects of UV light.

This is not true of off-the-shelf ink jet, LASER, off-set and sublimation printing systems which use inks made from synthetic dyes and inks that are derived from crude oil (organic chemicals) and are very vulnerable to UV fading as well as scratching and rapid abrasive wear.

Ceramic pigments are a completely different class of materials called inorganic chemicals. Inorganic chemicals are immune to the effects of sunlight and are highly durable materials.

In the years we extend the range of articles suitable to adorn tomb stone and after bronze frames we added various applications, branch roses, solar lamps, vases, crosses and Christ’s.

A particular attention deserve our suggestions about bronze statues, white Carrara marble statues, synthetic marble statues and fiberglass statues.

We guarantee the quality of all our products.
Our aim is to satisfy your needs and be a point of reference for our customers.


Memorial plaques, cremation urns, cemetery memorials, grave markers for headstones, ceramic pictures and photo porcelain for gravestones