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High quality bronze frames

Not all the ceramic pictures can have a correspondent bronze frame .
We have bronze frames to fit the following shapes :
Oval – Rectangular – Round

The bronze frame sizes correspond to the porcelain plaque sizes :
Example : photo-ceramic Oval shape cm 9x12 (3.54”x4.72”) will match with a frame which the internal size is suitable for a plaque cm 9x12 (3.54”x4.72”).
Therefore the bronze frame overall dimensions will be bigger than the correspondent photo-ceramic.

We supply photo-ceramic and bronze frame separately (not assembled).

Our bronze burnished frames are provided with 2 pins for attaching to the memorial.
These frames are permanently attached to the portraits with masonry glue.
Frames and portraits together are then fastened to the memorial, drilling 2 holes in correspondence of 2 pins and attaching them with masonry glue. Frames are custom cast in solid bronze. You may choose from open or covered frames.
Frame standard finishing : Bronze.
Upon request, the frames without decorations can be supplied in Chrome or Golden finished.
Frame sizes are fixed.
In addition to standard wall-frames we have ground models too.
Beautifully handcrafted bronze frames are the perfect compliment to your special porcelain cameo. These frames are designed for the extremes of temperature, sun and weather.
They are cast in bronze and specially coated for durability.
Oval shape 31633

OVAL 31633

Sizes from 2.36"x3.14" to 5.11"x7.08"
All are provided with two pins for attaching them to the memorial

Rectangular shape 31635


Sizes from 2.75"x3.54" to 5.11"x7.08"
All commemorative bronze accessories are treated with the special epoxy polyester varnish

Bronze frame 40102


Sizes from 3.14"x3.93" to 7.08"x9.44"
All plain bronze frames are available in standard finish, polished, chromium finish, golden finish

Bronze frame 31630


Sizes from 2.36"x3.14" to 7.08"x9.44"
Very popular design

Bronze frame 745 4L

745 4L

Sizes from 2.36"x3.14" to 7.08"x9.44" Octagonal
Very popular design

Bronze frame 31630

741 - 2

Sizes from 2.36"x3.14" to 7.08"x9.44"
Very popular design

About us

Rossato Giovanni Srl (Italian Memorial Products) is a family run business based in Vicenza Italy.  We have been supplying international markets for three generations and focus primarily on high quality monument portraits, photo ceramics, bronze frames and lamps in addition to synthetic and Carrara marble statues.
With years of experience, expert sculptors and designers we have been able to provide fine custom made memorial products all over the world.

Monument Portraits

Memories are forever, and our photo ceramics keep the memory of loved ones alive long after they have left us.

Bronze Frames

Bronze frames bring out the best in high quality images of our loved ones.  Our bronze frames  embellish the memories of the dearly departed.

Bronze Lamps

Just as with our bronze frames, bronze lamps and vases provide a nostalgic backdrop to adorn our loved ones and honor them with memories.

Bronze Statues

Our "die casting" system offers both master craftsmanship as well as a personal touch to enrich and decorate tombs and headstones.

Carrara Marble Statues

White Carrara marble statues are hand-sculpted and may represent any subjects.
In our Carrara studios we are able to assure quality of workmanship and to satisfy every special request for all kinds of artistic marble’s working.

Synthetic Marble Statues

Long lasting synthetic marble statuary is reproduction statues and sculptures produced using modern technology, fine polymers and resins.

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